Saturday, February 12, 2011

Deadworld ebook

For some time I have been following stories of the success authors such as J.A. Konrath, Scott Nicholson, and Amanda Hocking have experienced with original, self-published ebooks. The industry is changing and I believe I must explore the possibilities of this new outlet. To this end, I have released a never-before-published epic novel of apocalyptic horror entitled Deadworld. Deadworld is available now for Kindle download via Amazon. Other formats will soon follow. See the link below to order:


john said...

I grabbed the first chapter to give it a shot, really liking it so far.

I think your editor missed a spot though, check location 205, the flow doesn't seem quite right.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Smith,

My name is Edward Gordon and I’m starting a new review blog called, The Gordon Composition Gothic Novel Review. I was going to review, "The Dark Ones," but now I see you have "Deadworld" out. Which one would be better for me to review first? I have both on Kindle.

In about a week, I’ll be going live and publicizing my blog. Right now, I only have one review on it, but by then I’ll have two, and I hope to have a new review up each week. Yours would be the third, and of course, I’ll let you and your publisher know as soon as I post it.

My plan is simply to post a review on my blog and then everywhere else on the web or in print that I can, and let it grow from there. I specialize in small press gothic literature, and you can view the blog now if you like at:

Hope to hear from you, and I look forward to reading your work.

You can contact me at: