Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rare item (Grimm Awakening) on ebay

Before Leisure published my first novel House of Blood in 2004, small press publisher Undaunted Press put out two 60 page chapbooks by yours fiendishly. Under The Skin was a collection of four short stories, and Grimm Awakening was a novella about a 50's style Sam Spade detective specializing in all things paranormal. One day he wakes up to find himself literally in hell. Only 250 or so of each of these were printed and they are long since out of print. Over the years, numerous people have asked me where they can get these. Unfortunately, the answer has always been, "I have no freaking idea." I only have one copy of each left in my personal collection and can't, obviously, part with them.

Well, now someone's selling a copy of Grimm Awakening on ebay. No, I'm not the seller. Shocklines is the seller, and they're probably selling it for someone else (who, I have no idea). But this is one lucky soul's chance to snag it:


Right now it's still pretty cheap at $6.50. Again, I'm not the seller and won't profit from this in any way. I post this solely for the benefit of the many who have asked me about this over the years. A link to it was posted on my message board, but I thought the rest of you should know, too.

For what it's worth, Grimm Awakening is still one of my favorite things I've ever done. Most who read it seem to find it highly entertaining. Grimm has been under development as a possible film or TV series for some time. Someday something may actually happen with that (or not, 'cause sometimes that's how this business goes). It's also my wife's favorite of my writing, again for what it's worth. And at some point down the road, in some form or other, there will be new Grimm stories.

Anyway, check out the listing, and good luck if you're bidding.