Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bitter Ale hardcover line

In my previous post I announced the publication of a new novel called 68 Kill in ebook and paperback editions.  My intent was for 68 Kill to be the first in an ongoing series of original short novels I will self-release every few months.

All of that is still very much part of my overall plan, but there is now a new wrinkle.  Thanks to Thunderstorm Books, I now have my own publishing line/imprint devoted to producing collectible hardcover limited editions of these short novels.  The line is called Bitter Ale, which is derived from the Bitter Ale Press name I've used for my ebooks.  These hardcover editions will be produced on an accelerated basis to roughly coincide with the release of the ebook and paperback editions.

Let me tell you upfront that I realize these limited hardcovers are not cheap and won't be affordable for everyone.  But there will always be an affordable edition of each of these short novels for anyone who wants to read them.  In most cases, my ebook and paperback releases will actually precede the hardcover release.  The serious collectors who do opt to buy the hardcovers likely already know that Thunderstorm Books is known for producing high quality, attractive collectible books.

More information on the Bitter Ale publishing line:

Bitter Ale sign-up page

The official Bitter Ale announcement actually came via Brian Keene's site yesterday.  Read Brian's blog on the subject at the link below:

Brian Keene blog about Bitter Ale