Saturday, January 14, 2012

Samhain and a new beginning

Those of you actually still following this blog after my year of trauma and loss (and intermittent posting) may recall a novel I talked about back in 2010 called The Late Night Horror Show. This was a novel I had sold to Leisure Books/Dorchester Publishing based on a synopsis. I had written 15,000 words of it when Dorchester abruptly dropped their mass-market publishing line. No need to rehash all the associated drama with that development. The bottom line is I negotiated a cancellation of that contract and parted ways with Dorchester. I did not resume writing The Late Night Horror Show as there seemed to be no point at that time.

However, because of a brewing dissatisfaction with some other things I need not go into, I recently wound up talking to former Leisure horror editor Don D'Auria again about Late Night Horror Show. Don is now the editor of the new horror line at Samhain Publishing. And yesterday I signed a new contract for this book. Samhain Publishing will publish The Late Night Horror Show in early 2013. I'm happy to join the Samhain crew and very glad to be working with Don D'Auria again.

More news on this as it develops. In the meantime, check out Samhain Horror's page at the link below: