Monday, April 26, 2010

The Late Night Horror Show

Couple pieces of news to report. The biggest is that as of last week I have sold novel number nine to Leisure Books. The title for this one is The Late Night Horror Show. I won't go much into specifics at this point about the plot, but it's a supernatural horror tale, this time a big ol' monster rally. I think readers will find it a lot of fun.

The other news regards The Dark Ones, which I recently completed and turned in to Leisure. It came in at a shade under 90,000 words. This book will be out in January 2011, just six months after my next release for Leisure, The Killing Kind, which comes out this July. I'm very pleased with the way The Dark Ones turned out. The Killing Kind was a very intense depiction of crazed thrill-killers, and while I am also pleased the way that book turned out (it may be my personal best, in fact), it was good to get back to escapist supernatural horror.

The Late Night Horror Show will be out in the second of half of 2011.

Spent the weekend at Full Moon's Nashville Tattoo and Horror Festival. Met the guys in The Creeping Cruds, the greatest horror rock band around these days, and they were all very cool. Met a lot of other cool people. A good time was had.

In other convention news, I'll also be a guest at this year's Horrorfind Weekend in Gettysburg, PA in September. More about that later, and more news updates later.