Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Deadworld becomes DARKENED

The title of my recently published original ebook novel has changed from Deadworld to Darkened.

Let me state a fact. You cannot copyright a title. This is why you see duplicate titles across various forms of media all the time.

However, this will not necessarily prevent someone else who has used the same title from raising the specter of lawyers.

My wife has been seriously ill for some time. Her condition has worsened considerably in recent months. It should go without saying that we do not need more stress in our lives at this time.

So there was never any thought of fighting the title change.

The book formerly known as Deadworld is now Darkened and that's just the way it's going to be.

I have already uploaded cover, title, and product description changes to Amazon and Smashwords. The Smashwords changes are already fully in effect. On Amazon, the cover and title changes have already been published. However, as of this writing, the revised product description has not published and still refers to the book as Deadworld. I am hopeful this will change within the next 24 hours.

But the currently in process Amazon update is only the first revision. The interior of the book still shows the old cover and says "Deadworld" on the title page. I have received a revised file from the designer correcting all that. However, I have to wait until the first revision finishes publishing before I can upload these other changes.

If you have already purchased this book as Deadworld, please be aware that DARKENED IS THE SAME BOOK. I'm hopeful most readers will be discerning enough to notice this, but realize there may be some confusion. I'm also hopeful all the changes will be fully published on Amazon within the next couple of days.

In better news, I received the following kickass blurb for the new book yesterday:

"Bryan Smith's DARKENED is a full-throttle pedal-to-the-metal ride straight into the heart of the apocalypse. Deeply disturbing and absolutely riveting. Highly recommended." -Jonathan Maberry, NY Times bestselling author of THE KING OF PLAGUES and PATIENT ZERO

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sending in changes to the reviews I've already posted. I will change the Midwest Book Review article, because I'm just e-mailing it now, but that's it.

You're right: No one can copyright a title. I don't think a lawyer would have even taken such a case because it's clearly stated in the law. But for the sake of your fan base, I highly recommend doing a little research on titles before using one. Why would you want to use a title that at least two other horror books are using?

Be that as it may, good luck with "Darkened."

Bryan Smith said...

Let me be very clear. I do not exaggerate when I say the lives of my wife and myself hang from a very thin, tenuous thread. I will not allow the introduction of any extra stress into the equation, not even the threat of it.

Let me be EXTRA clear. My wife has stage four metastatic breast cancer. Her oncologist told her she was out of treatment options months ago. She is on a clinical trial which essentially may be her last hope. She is in and out of the hospital on a regular basis.

I'm sorry for the issue with your reviews, but there is nothing I can do about that.

Perhaps I should have researched alternate titles at an earlier stage, but what's done is done and I CANNOT FUCKING CHANGE IT. In the past I have used titles that have been previously used. The Killing Kind and Queen of Blood, specifically. There were never issues and I did not expect there to be issues this time.

Trust me, I have learned my fucking lesson.

Wulf said...

Bryan, you don't have to answer for your actions. Besides, it's YOUR book so you have the RIGHT to do whatever you see fit with it.

If some people can't understand the fact that you and your wife are going through HELL right now, and that you two DO NOT need anymore unwanted stress in your life, well--- FUCK THEM!!!

I admire you for caring so deeply about your wife, and I REALLY admire your wife for being so strong and courageous dealing with such a horrible disease.

And, as for the new title. I like "DARKENED". It sounds like an awesome METAL song. LOL! Right on, bro.


Jim Mcleod said...

Well said Wulf. Bryan, you've got more than enough to worry about without worrying about the name of a book, so fuck it's just a name.

Take care B

The Doctor said...

Nice blurbage, Bryan!

As for the title, you're right - even if it's a case without merit it's not worth the time and stress (especially given your current situation) when you can just change it this early in the game.

As for Mr Gordon, apparently review blogs are Very Serious Business. Given that it's pretty trivial to edit online reviews, especially the one on his own blog...

Midnyte Reader said...

My most sincere thoughts and prayers to you and your wife.

Melissa said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your wife's illness and I dearly hope things look up for you both.

I look forward to reading DARKENED and it may just be my first purchased e-book ever!


Ankhha said...

I wanted to chime in and just extend my best wishes to your wife, I am so sorry for the pain you are both going through and my heart goes out to you. I pray things go well for her.

Colum McKnight said...

Mr. Gordon,

It's not that hard to change a title in your reviews. I suggest you get over yourself, change the titles, and help an author with publicity for his most recent book, as opposed to publicly lambasting him for something that is out of his control.

Your blog states that:

"I have a great love of gothic literature and a passion for the smaller presses. Hopefully, the reviews I write will help promote the diamonds in the rough often overlooked in today’s small press industry."

- but you're showing nothing but bitterness and contempt for something as small as a title change.

I run a very successful horror review website that has several thousand hits every month, and I would never even consider speaking the way that you just did. In fact, I can provide links to at least 10 other review blogs/websites that are well established, and can also guarantee that none of them would find hardship in changing a title.

You run a book review blog, not The New York Times review.