Monday, February 14, 2011

Bitter Ale Press contest

I know there are some readers of this blog with good art/design skills. Recently I released my first self-published ebook, Deadworld. I made up the name Bitter Ale Press as the publisher. I want to continue using that name as I put more ebooks out there in the future. I thought it might be nice to have a cool logo to include with those releases. So let's have a contest to design one.

The main prize winner would get a copy of the limited hardcover edition of Depraved from Altar 13. I would inscribe this book any way the winner wants. The winner would also receive copies of two of my Leisure paperbacks. Again, inscribed any way you want. I'd even throw in some cover flats. And, of course, you'll get a design credit in any future Bitter Ale Press releases.

A second prize winner would receive two signed Leisure paperbacks and a third place finisher would receive one signed Leisure paperback. Both second and third place winners would also get some bonus cover flats.

Use your creativity. Incorporate anything cool that comes to mind when you think of the name Bitter Ale Press, any imagery or concepts associated with any of those words. Designs can be dark and sinister or whimsical or just plain weird, or any combination thereof. They can be suggestive of things horror, literary, or booze related. Or, again, a combination.

To enter the contest, just post your entry in the designated thread on my message board (registration is required):

Feedback from forum readers is welcome, though I'll be making the ultimate call on the winner. Contest is currently open-ended as it may be a while before the second Bitter Ale Press release.

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