Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Famous Monsters reviews Depraved

Famous Monsters Of Filmland has reviewed Depraved. FM gave my last novel, Soultaker, a really pretty decent review, and a quote from that even made the back cover of Depraved. But this review for Depraved is good deal more enthusiastic than the review for Soultaker. I've been saying all along this is by far the best of my published novels (or at least it will be until the insanely brutal, bleak, unforgiving, and unrelenting The Killing Kind comes out next July), so it's gratifying to see a review like this. Of course, there's extra kick just due to my memories of reading the print version of FM as a kid back in the 70's. Yeah, Forry Ackerman is gone, but it's still fucking cool. Check out the review at the link below:

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