Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Dark Ones--liftoff achieved!

Finally started the actual writing of The Dark Ones this past week. I did a bit more than 1,500 words on it today. This was the third or fourth writing session, but the first couple were sort of tentative, with me feeling my way into it a little bit, which is almost always how it is after I've taken my usual between novels break. Today, though, I was firing on all cylinders and I now feel well immersed in the world I'm creating. As hinted at in a previous post, The Dark Ones will be a bit of a shift in a slightly different direction. The Killing Kind is very brutal and real world-based, and DO is a move back toward over-the-top supernatural horror. The difference between DO and something like Deathbringer is twofold--I'll be trying to create a somewhat more layered story this time around, applying some of the gritty realism of TKK to a more fantastical story (as contrary as that sounds) and it'll be the first of my novels to feature any significant amount of kinda/sorta autobiography. I went into in the earlier post, of course, but as I move into the active writing phase of this project, I can already see this element will be even more pronounced than I originally envisioned. I'm going to have to be conscious of avoiding making any one character identifiably based on moi. That said, I think I'm going to have a blast writing this one.

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