Thursday, October 1, 2009

Book news and a change

Yes, it's been a while again. Sorry about that. Couple bits of news to announce. Firstly, I have reset my url to start redirecting to this blog. Previously it had forwarded to my My Space page. I had been thinking about changing it for a while. Not everyone has a My Space page, and not everyone wants to hear that music player start blaring as soon as the page loads. With this page, you get the blog right away, as well as options to go to my My Space or Facebook pages. I just think this will be better in the long run, especially as I start to update this page more regularly.

Depraved is officially out now. It started shipping from Amazon a week or so ago and is hitting stores everywhere this week. My "special feature" article on the writing of the book went up on the Dorchester Publishing site yesterday. Link below:

Sorry, I still don't know how to make links clickable with Blogger, so you'll have to copy and paste.

The other big news is Leisure Books has accepted my novel The Dark Ones, which will be my eighth book with them. Previously sold novel The Killing Kind will be out from them in July of next year, which would likely put The Dark Ones into early 2011, but official pub date is yet to be determined.

Regarding The Dark Ones, I posted the following at my Keenedom message board recently. More thoughts on this book to come as I actually write it (it was sold based on a synopsis).

"The setting will be a small town neighborhood patterned exactly (or as close to exact as I can get this many years down the road) after the neighborhood I grew up in. Some of the towns in previous books (Soultaker and Deathbringer, in particular) have been loosely inspired by my old hometown, but this will be the first time I have essentially recreated the old neighborhood in a fictional setting. So when you're reading this book in 2011 and I'm describing any given house or street or landmark, odds are it'll be a real place or thing, down to the smallest detail I can remember. I have an underlying reason I won't reveal for now for doing this, other than to say that a big part of the inspiration for this story is something that actually existed back in the long ago. In some ways it'll be my most personal novel, but never fear, it'll be just as jam-packed with wild, kooky, outrageous things as any of the earlier books.

One big difference between fiction and reality--though patterned after the real places, the town and neighborhood in the book will have fictitious names. Even so, I imagine anyone who grew up there with me who reads it will frequently think, 'Holy shit! I remember that!" Should be an interesting writing experience."

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