Monday, October 10, 2011

Kayla And The Devil

UPDATE: The price at both Amazon and Smashwords has been reduced to $2.99.

My new urban fantasy novel, Kayla and the Devil, is now available from for the Kindle:

And for non-Kindle e-readers at Smashwords:

As mentioned above, this is an urban fantasy novel. Although it does feature supernatural subject material, readers should not go into it expecting anything like The Killing Kind, Depraved, or any of my other hardcore horror novels. This is more along the lines of Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden novels meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer (though it isn't about vampires). So there isn't much in the way of gore. However, I think horror fans willing to give it a chance will enjoy it. It's a fun story.

For now this novel is only available in digital format. A trade paperback will follow at a later date. I'll let you know when that's available.


diana said...

This sounds like a great book. I am getting it tomorrow. I also just finished the Deadite edition of Depraved, loved it from cover to cover. If you don't mind my asking, what book of yours will be up next from Deadite?

Bryan Smith said...


I hope you enjoy Kayla and the Devil. Even though it's not exactly horror, it's recognizably my writing style and has lots of crazy things happen in it.

I'm not sure exactly which book is next from Deadite. It will either be The Dark Ones or The Freakshow. At least one, and maybe both, of those will be out before the end of the year.

diana said...


You're writing style has become one of my favorites. After I get the kids to bed tonight I am diving into Kayla and the Devil. I'll also keep my eyes out for Freakshow and The Dark Ones. I didn't get to buy Freakshow pb before the Dorchester stuff and Dark Ones has a kindle, but I think it might be through them so I won't get it unless I know otherwise. It's great to have two new Bryan Smith novels to look forward to

Bryan Smith said...

Yeah, the ebook of The Dark Ones that's currently out there is through Dorchester. I prefer that people don't buy it because I'll likely never see any money from it. Though it's anyone's right to buy it if they want, of course, and I wouldn't hold it against you or anyone else if you did.

But I'll be getting the ebook rights to all my Dorchester books at the end of this year, and I'll putting out my own ebook versions of all those books (including The Dark Ones) in January.

diana said...

Hey Bryan, I finished Kayla and the Devil, loved it. I know she wasn't the nicest person but I really enjoyed the character of Kayla. She kind of reminded me of Regina George, Heather Chandler and my sister all rolled into one. I am definitely buying this whenever it comes out in print.

tom thornton said...

Just finished Kayla and the Devil. You had to end the book with a hook for the sequel didn't you. Now I can't wait. To satiate myself in the mean time I immediately went in and ordered Highways to Hell. I have to tell you the last time I got this worked up over a fictional character was Dexter's Rita if you know what I mean. That said what plans if any are afoot to re-issue some of your other titles as limited hardcover editions? I already have copies of everything that become available. I would especially like to see Freakshow and Deathbringer in hardback. That would be so ------g cool!
Brian you are God's gift to horror. Keep up the good work.

tom thornton said...

Just a follow up addendum: I bought Kayla through createspace. Also will Darkened be in trade paperback format in the near future?