Saturday, August 13, 2011

Return of The Killing Kind

A lot of regular readers of this blog will know that the original mass market paperback edition of The Killing Kind was released a little more than a month before everything went to hell at Dorchester Publishing.

Flash forward to now, and my new publisher, Deadite Press, has unleashed a new edition of this book upon the world:

Big thanks to Jeff Burk and everyone else at Deadite Press for making this book available again. The Killing Kind may well be my favorite of all the books Dorchester released, and I'm happy to see it get back out there in the world. Deadite will also release new versions of the rest of my Dorchester backlist later this year and into 2012.


Midnyte Reader said...

Congratulations! Looks great!

Ray Pye said...

Any plans on a sequel? Would love to see Roxie back in action!

Bryan Smith said...


I do hope to do a sequel at some point, with Roxie very much back in action. Not sure yet when I'll do it, but it definitely will be a part of my plans eventually.

GE65 said...

Finished this one today. Brutal, morbidly funny, and oddly touching in parts. Great read, man!

Anonymous said...

This is badass!