Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dark Ones draft completed

So yesterday I finally typed 'The End' on the first draft of The Dark Ones. At a shade under 130,000 words, it's way too long. I have to cut it down to 90,000. Most of the cuts will come in the first third of the book, where I maybe took a bit too long getting to the point. By the time I've cut it down, it should be a lean and mean read. For the first time, though, I think I'll save the full thing in a separate file in the event I ever want to look into the possibility of an unexpurgated version.

It's looking like this one will be released in January, 2011, just six months after the release of The Killing Kind. The thinking is to build my momentum by tightening the gap between books. I wasn't aware that I actually had any mo, but it was a cool thing to hear nonetheless.

And here's a bit of information on the publisher doing the limited edition of Depraved:



Dark Intruder said...


I think you've got quite a bit of mo beginning to roll for you. I'm looking forward to your new work coming out, and I've still got a few of your past works to keep me occupied until then.


Wild_Charmer said...

I know how tough it is to edit your own books and cut out certain words and pages, but it's all part of the writing process. I'm certain "The Dark Ones" will still make for a splendid read. It's too bad we have to wait until January to get a copy though.

AMIT said...

Great written about this one.

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