Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Pre-order Last Day

My forthcoming apocalypse novel Last Day is now available for pre-order on Kindle. This will be one of the wildest books I've written to date. It's full-tilt crazy.

Pre-order Last Day on Kindle

Book description:

The last day of the world starts out like any ordinary day. Everything seems normal. Then news breaks of an imminent killer asteroid strike and everything changes forever. With the human race facing sudden extinction, the world descends into chaos. Now that no one has anything to lose, hidden horrors are unearthed and brought to the light. Serial killers and other predators no longer have to hide, indulging their dark appetites without fear of reprisal. The seemingly meek reveal inner monsters and go on killing sprees. The world is engulfed in carnage and blood flows freely in the streets. A few seek to rise above the madness and find a way to do the impossible--survive the end of the world.

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