Thursday, February 28, 2013

Grimm Awakening now available

The Black Voltage and Hard Rain limited hardcover editions of my novel Grimm Awakening have been released by Thunderstorm Books.  See the link below to order and read the difference between the two editions:

Grimm Awakening from Thunderstorm Books

Long-time readers may recall that Undaunted Press released a novelette version of Grimm Awakening as a chapbook nearly a decade ago.  That shorter version is long out of print and is hard to find.  This Thunderstorm release is the never before published full-length novel version.  Also, the original material has been revised.

Jack Grimm is a hard-drinking, chain-smoking, all around hard-living private investigator who specializes in crimes of a supernatural nature.  Shapeshifting hellhound Lucien joins his team as they travel from Hell to Las Vegas in a fight against evil that plays out against a background of glitz, gangsters, and gunfire.

In other news, Queen of Blood (the sequel to House of Blood) is now available in Kindle format.  Nook edition to follow in a few days.  This completes my quest to make all my old books available via Kindle.

Queen Of Blood for Kindle


cori cutsinger said...

Hope Bryan sees this. All time favorite author: Richard Laymon. Until I read Freakshow. I am a fellow Tennesseean and actually live close to where all these incredibly frightful stories take place. That's what drew me to Bryan's writing in the first place. I am buying all these books on my Kindle (this blasted square of technology) and simply can't read them fast enough. However, I do have one plea. Please, Mr. Smith, sir, please find a new editor. I teach English and notice several glaring errors in each book. The most recent in House of Blood (Eddie's name was used instead of Shane's {insert cry of frustration here}). Send me your next script darlin' and I'll ensure your stories are unblemished!

Bryan Smith said...

I'm assuming this comment isn't actually in reference to Grimm Awakening, which was proofed a crazy amount of times by the publisher.

Most of the older books that I've reissued in digital editions were originally published in mass market paperback by now-defunct Leisure Books. When the rights reverted to me, I was faced with a dilemma. I needed to get them out there as soon as possible to start bringing in income. However, I did not have the time to microscopically review each of the old manuscripts for errors because of the many other current demands in my life. Nor did I have the funds to hire outside freelance "editors" or proofers, so they basically went out there "as is." Whether the manuscripts I had on hand precisely matched what was in the old paperbacks, I could not say (at least in most cases). And the only reason the new ebook editions are available at all is thanks to the assistance of people who helped me with the covers and the formatting for little to no reimbursement (mostly the latter).

All that said, I do apologize for any annoyance caused by typos. If you are interested, you may provide me a list of all the typos you encounter and I'll see what I can do about incorporating corrections into updated versions at a later time. In exchange for doing this task, I'll send you a signed book or two.

Totally up to you whether you want to do that, of course, but I thought I'd offer. If you DO opt to take up this task, please restrict it to typos only. I'm not gonna bother with perceived grammar errors, unless it's especially egregious. A for instance many so-called grammarians like to cite--sentence fragments. Yes, I know I use sentence fragments. I do it all the fucking time. ON PURPOSE.

Anyway, thanks for reading the books. And sorry my explanation was so long-winded.

cori cutsinger said...

TICKLED BEYOND COMPARE! Thank you so much for responding! I didn't know where else to comment and so, no, my post wasn't linked to the new book. It's reassuring to know that the proofing in question was simply due to the whole electronic version conversion. Thank you for taking your time to explain that to a simple mortal like me. I started highlighting errors on my Kindle and so it should be easy to compile a list. Typos are all I've noted. Sentence fragments? Fucking love 'em. And a signed book you say? Why Mr. Smith! You shouldn't have! I would be delighted! Is there an e-mail or address to send my findings?

In addition, can I just say how undeniably awesome it is of you to actually speak with a fan? Mr. Laymon doesn't seem to want to speak with me (oh, what a bad joke; going to hell for that one). I was obsessed with your writing before. Now I am taking on a whole new admiration for your deliciously evil talent! You simply must do a book signing here in TN!

Bryan Smith said...


Sorry for the delayed response. I've been very busy revising my second novel for Samhain Publishing, Go Kill Crazy!

Anyway, I don't like to put my private email address out in public if I can help it. If there's some way I can give it to you in a private message, let me know. Or you can always add me at Facebook (if you do the Facebook thing) and I can give it to you in a message there. Let me know. We'll figure something out.