Monday, June 18, 2012

A brief note on the Kayla sequel

So I did this thing at the end of Kayla and the Devil I've since had cause to question.  I resolved all the  major issues in that particular story, but nonetheless ended the book on something of a cliffhanger.  I'm okay with that part.  It's the one-sentence note I put at the very end of the book that I would likely not do again if I could go back in time and do it over.  And that note said to look for Kayla and The Vampires (the sequel's title) in 2012.

You do something like that, you're kind of obligated to deliver within a certain time frame.  Otherwise people are gonna bitch.  And I understand.  I'm the one who put the note there, after all.  But I want those of you who read Kayla and are looking forward to the sequel to know that I do still intend to make it happen.  I just started work on Kayla and the Vampires and I hope to have it available in paperback and ebook formats at some point in the fall.

So, yes, Kayla will be back, as promised.  And with a snarkier attitude than ever.

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