Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Second Bitter Ale Press release

The eBook edition of Rock And Roll Reform School Zombies is now available from Amazon. This edition includes contest winner Brian Bishop's Bitter Ale Press logo, which is one of three BAP logos I'll use on a rotating basis for these releases.

Here's the link:


Other formats will follow in the coming weeks.

I am currently working on what should be the third Bitter Ale Press release, a longish zombie novella that may yet turn into a short novel. I'm hoping to have it available at some point in April. However, though it involves zombies again, it will be a very, very different take on the subject than RNRRSZ.

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Colum McKnight said...

I'm excited to check out your newest work! I'll have to get caught up on your other stuff before April. Keep writing, Bryan! The genre needs you.