Monday, January 3, 2011

Pre-order The Dark Ones

The Delirium edition of my new novel The Dark Ones is now available for pre-order:

They are The Dark Ones. The name began as a self-deprecating joke, but it stuck and now it’s a source of pride. There is a darkness within them all. A hidden danger waiting to be exploited. A rage in desperate search of expression. They’re the one who don’t fit in. The misfits who drink and smoke too much and stay out all hours of the night. Everyone knows they’re trouble.

But soon the other residents of Ransom, TN, will discover the true meaning of trouble. On the outskirts of Ransom is an abandoned, boarded-up house. Something evil happened there long ago. The evil has been contained there ever since, locked down tight in the basement—until the night The Dark Ones break in and set it free.

Soon a demonic darkness spreads through Ransom, quickly infecting the entire town. And now The Dark Ones are their town’s only hope. They must return the demon—Andras, The Killer of Men—to his prison beneath the earth before it is too late.

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