Friday, June 25, 2010

Freaking out with The Killing Kind

Those who visit the Dorchester site regularly know that authors often contribute "special feature" articles regarding their new releases, and I've done that several times in the past. This time I did something a little different. Instead of an essay on the writing of the book, I wrote a new 2,000 word short story in which surviving characters from The Freakshow run into characters from my new novel, The Killing Kind. Beware, though--this story contains mucho spoilers for anyone who hasn't read the earlier novel.

The new story:

The Killing Kind should start showing in all the major chain stores by next week, so be looking for it soon.


Greg said...

Bry, just read Killing Kind, my first read by you (although Ive been wanting to read House and Queen of Blood for some time). Excellent stuff...looking forward to catching up ;)

Paperback Horror said...

I read this short story. If anything, you should be proud as hell for writing something that goddamned compelling. If I hadn't already read The Freakshow, I'd be all over it. And I can't tell you how excited I am for The Killing Kind. You sir, are golden.

Anonymous said...

Brother I just got done with The Killing Kind and damn it you keep getting better and better I didn't think you could beat out Depraved, or even any of your other books I've read them all and in my honest opinion you keep getting better and better I cant wait for The Dark Ones. Thank you so much for the great reads and keep up the kick ass work.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bryan,

I'm half way through The Killing Kind, and i'm loving it. This book really puts me in mind of the film 'The Devil's Rejects', which is really cool. I've always wanted to read this type of horror, but never really got my hands on it 'til now.
Incidently, I'll be reviewing this book for Shroud Magazine once I'm done. :)


Bryan Smith said...

Thanks for the comments, all of you. Glad to hear the positive feedback for TKK. I unfortunately haven't been checking the comments as often as I should. I'll try to be more diligent about that.