Friday, December 5, 2008

The Itch

I've got it. Or I'm starting to get it. And I don't mean the old Kix song "The Itch" (although that's a good song off a damn good pop metal album of the 80's). I'm talking about writing. I've been taking a break since wrapping up Depraved in late October. I always feel pretty burned out at the end of writing any novel, but this was especially case with Depraved. I enjoyed the writing process with that one more than with any of my novels, but it was written in such a feverish rush. Between the writing and the other demands of my life, there was barely any time to catch a breath and relax. So it's been nice to take a longish, langourous break.

But it's almost time to get back to work. I've got a couple of anthology invites and I'll need to get cracking on those soon. Then there's the matter of the next novel. I have two or three main ideas I'm mulling over. One in particular is much more fleshed out than the others, but I'm not yet sure it's the right one to pick. It feels like it is, but I need just a little more time to be sure in my decision. Whichever way I go, I have to be sure it's something that's a worthy followup to Depraved, which is my best work yet. And I think this one can just needs to simmer a little longer. I'm thinking I'll continue my break through the holidays, then buckle down. Or, hell, maybe I'll go ahead and break the ice a bit before then by knocking out one of those short stories.

Whatever the case, it's almost time to scratch...


John Hornor Jacobs said...

Not to compare myself with you, but I just did the NaNo challenge, 50k in a month. I told myself I was going to take off December. That was the plan.

I started writing again, last night. I feel so ashamed. I just needed the fix. It was a one time deal.

Bryan Smith said...

I'm still being lazy. I'm thinking within the next two-three days I'll get to work on something, though.

I always think about doing the Nano thing, but never have. I'm capable of doing huge amounts of writing, but I'm maybe not quite disciplined enough to do it within a certain scheduled time.